Question - What is The Heart in the Community?

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How do I do the heart thing?..

You just click the little heart symbol below a post.

Its Like something you did here

@moderators can you explain to me pls?
@dush19 and @AR_AR u dint understand me
I don’t know how to explain the question.

The like button is the heart button. The heart button is the like button. That is the only “heart thing” on this forum.

@AR_AR answered what you were asking.

This is from the Discourse welcome message:

So if I liked a post I can do a post with less than 10 letters??

No. Your options are:

  1. You like a post
  2. You make a proper reply (i.e. don’t just write “ok” in a reply, add something meaningful to the discussion).

I just said what that post said, but in simple terms.

Ok, this Can be Closed, thanks