How can I go UP a “Trust Level”. I want to start a VA but I can’t because I don’t meet this certain requirement.


Keep liking, replying, posting and commenting and you’ll be upgraded automatically in no time!



To reach higher trust levels you just need to keep being active and contributing to the community in a positive manner. It’s also important to note two things:

  • To reach TL3, it is now done via a manual promotion from the moderation or staff team.

  • The Infinite Flight Community requirements for each trust level differ from the default discourse trust levels. The Infinite Flight Community trust level requirements are not disclosed publicly to avoid “farming” of the requirements.

Hope this provides some clarity on how trust levels operate here on the IFC. If you are still seeking further clarity, then I would strongly recommend checking out this topic below for more information:

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Good luck. Joined in October and only browse around, join events. Trying to reach TL2 so I can create events but it seemingly takes forever and there are no clearly described requirements

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You can quite easily get a rough idea of it though by reading the topic earlier linked.

Not in terms of actual numbers, but what parameters that are looked at. I can see some of them being “0” on your account which is probably related to you not being automatically promoted.


I’ve read that linked article as well as searched for the requirements. It is a frustrating process. I would love to be able to create events but it’ll unfortunately take however long it takes because I’m not going to increase my engagement to fulfill unknown requirements. I appreciate the reply but it doesn’t answer my question or help. Vague descriptions at best


Let’s look at it this way. Here are your stats:

And this is from Discourse’s (our platform) default requirements (ours are different, but the parameters looked at are the same):


Do you see anything that may causing this for you?


I haven’t cast enough likes to be able to participate?

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These are simply some measurements to prevent inflationary numbers of users at levels where full access is given to the platform. Of course, it’s debatable whether or not these are good requirements to determine the activity and quality of participation of a member, but I guess this way it’s the easiest for a bunch of lines of code to determine these.

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