Question Training Series: Part 4

Hello everyone! This question training series is to help myself, as well as others, better understand the flight procedures that we must follow when in the Expert Server. The rules in the Expert Server are there to help create the most realistic flight environment. So understanding these rules is crucial in order to keep the Expert Server the way it was intended to be. Here is today’s question:

When participating in the Friday Night Flights, do you use SIDs and STARs? The routes that they provide do not include these, so I’m wondering if we’re supposed to add these to them or not.

Including procedures in your flight plan is often not required, but it’s fun to do so if you’d like! The reason they are not included in the suggested routes is that the runways in use at certain airports might change throughout the day and controllers also have the ability to recommend or require specific procedures.

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Correction: they actually do. They’re just not labelled as SIDs and STARs in the event routes. If you go into the airport procedures, you’ll mostly find the exact same route as an instrument procedure.

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Thanks! So you would recommend following the routes that they provide (unless there is a specific reason not to that a pilot could have)?

It’s totally up to you, but I think it makes it easier to just copy and paste the route into the app. Another thing to consider is controller workload; I find it simpler when aircraft are on one route headed to my airport (rather than a few different ones), especially if a Center controller is online to space said aircraft out nicely.

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Good to know! Thanks!

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