Question to you controller folks!

As it goes, I’m pretty confident with ATC instructions and commands. I’m also confident with pattern work, though I have come across something that had made me question this. Once I have been cleared for takeoff by an ATC personnel and cleared to enter left traffic, from here am I correct in thinking that I should continue upwind preferably via runway heading until I make the decision to turn crosswind. Once turning onto downwind and maintaining speed, should I report my position saying 'Harry is on left downwind runway __ full stop. This is where I am confused. Should the controller then CLEAR me for landing via the proper procedure 'Harry, runway __ cleared for to land or just reply with ROGER. Though ROGER is the reply suggested by the commands, should the controller not clear me for landing, once he has done so I should continue downwind to base and proceed into final and land, no other request needed. I was informed that I should ALWAYS clear someone to land not just say ‘Riger’ though I’ve been experiencing this a lot on advanced servers. When should a pilot say he is inbound whilst in pattern, on base or downwind, and when would ‘I’ll call your base’ be applicable. It’s been bugging me a lot!

Sorry for the lengthy rant, but I’d like to know, I always thought I should clear when someone reports position while in pattern, not reply with roger? When would this be the case. And when should a pilot call inbound while in traffic.


Clearance of landing is on your discretion. I clear them on base, so roger is the command to give when you’re on downwind

Yes you report downwind than report base if the controller hasn’t cleared you yet(Don’t call inbound). No landing clearance 2-3NM’s out then report final.

Hope that helps.

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Brilliant, thought so. Feel free to mark this solved

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From my experience, a controller would advise you to join the left/right pattern (unless you’re already in the pattern doing touch and go’s or something). From there I would continue approach (either fly upwind, crosswind, or directly join downwind depending what my flight plan is), call ATC when I’m downwind, and either expect clearance for approach from ATC or be asked to hold (usually doing 360s in the pattern direction on the downwind leg), and then to follow any traffic that was already existing in the pattern. I don’t think IF has a response to say “looking for traffic”, so the default would be to say you’re following traffic (assuming there is traffic) and then continue flying your downwind, base, and final.

When on final I would expect ATC to clear me for landing (I shouldn’t have to call saying I’m on base or final, they would have me on radar). If they don’t, I would confirm landing clearance and/or go around depending how I feel about the situation.

Really? I thought it was on preference? I clear whenever I want, usually on downwind though. Also I’m pretty sure you do NOT have to report your position in the pattern?

I usually just report my downwind to let the atc know my intentions. Touch and go or full stop.

I think ATC should know that if someone is remaining in the pattern, they are intending to do touch and goes and keep doing pattern work, no? If I want to land, that’s the only time I report my position and say I’m doing a full stop landing.

That’s what I was a little confused about. If someone does however report position I can clear them for the option no?

I just do it anyways to be nice

Depends on the traffic

Thanks Mason!

I clear them for landing on final only as I direct them around the pattern first! Landing clearance is at ATC discretion as they may tell you to go around and make left\right traffic for the specific runway as well!

Also a controller may ask to enter the downwind for another runway for example when I control in schipol I tell them to take off from RWY 24 and to enter right downwind for runway 27! But its the same thing just to eneter into a near by runway pattern!

I was on final to YSSY earlier, and I repeatedly reported that I was on final, met only with a response of roger.

I received no landing clearance and I was about 250 MSL.

I knew ATC understood my position, and they clearly knew I was continuing my landing. But… should I have gone around at minimums? Or do I assume that they aren’t going to clear me, so just continue?

I’ll go around. But in 2/3 times he still don’t clear me I’ll quit the game. Assuming thT you’re on PG server. That’s not too much to expect. Come to advanced next time.

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