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Hi guys on Expert server when there is
Busy traffic and I ask Example United 690 ready for pushback and the ATC don’t responds after 5min should I ask again or just wait


You’re not even grade three lol
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Asking again should generally be a last resort but if you feel they may have actually forgotten about you I would ask again.

Just be patient and don’t spam the frequency :)

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Yea I know I haven’t been flying for soo long

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That’s why

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Adding on from what others have said above, there are a few things to take into consideration before asking again for pushback.

Firstly, if the airport is busy then it is a reasonable expectation that pilots could experience slightly delayed responses as controllers can be focusing on other tasks such as prioritising arrivals over departures which would include aircraft pushing back.

Another thing to take into consideration, if another aircraft requested pushback after you and they receive a clearance but you’ve been waiting and there is no seeable reason as to deny you a pushback clearance such as a conflict or the like, then I would certainly ask again after five or so minutes.

Also remember, that duplicate requests are a last resort so always ensure to only request something twice if it appears that the controller has forgotten about you.

Take care!


Thanks 🙏🏿 mate

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5 mins with no response from us is impossible. We would be automatically d/c’d well before then.

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That’s not necessarily correct. If we don’t response to any pilot altogether for 5 minutes then we will be disconnected, that’s correct. However, if the controller even responds to one pilot but not another pilot for five minutes then they won’t be disconnected as they are still communicating with at least one aircraft on their frequency.

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Umm, there’s something broken if that the case. The one time I was d/c’d, it was at 120 seconds.

Just some things to weigh when it comes to pushback…

  1. the controller should typically always respond to you to either push or hold position. There shouldn’t be a five minute wait for an initial response. If you aren’t getting a response all together, then messaging again in a 5-minute period is warranted (if you get reported for that, you can appeal it - as a controller that didn’t respond to you shouldn’t report you unless you are just spamming it over and over).

  2. If you are responded to, and told to hold - there is generally a specific reason for such (obviously). Some controllers are better than others for keeping up with those they have told to hold, but that doesn’t mean that people don’t get mistakenly forgotten about it - it happens to the best of us (i try to always say “Im sorry” via responses and then give push clearance).

If you are told to hold, pay attention to your surroundings. Maybe you are pushing into a busy taxiway, or another aircraft close to you asked to push before you and you are waiting on them. There is various factors that go into it, and the more you fly and control the more you realize the reasoning behind it.

If you get to the point where you were told to hold, and there doesn’t appear to be any reason why you are still holding, then you can ask again for push. There’s a chance you may get a “duplicate messages” warning if it’s a controller that has things under control and hasnt forgotten about you (so just giving you a heads up there).

I personally use the reminder times that are available to controllers for any hold i give. But again, that doesn’t mean its a perfect practice and there’s times i forget about someone.


Thanks for this input. I have just been waiting for pushback clearance from EGLL ground on ES for over 20mins! In the end left and went and flew from an uncontrolled airport. I was going to come on and make a topic on why I love IFATC but avoid flying from a controlled field……primarily due to the high traffic flow which in real life has several ground controllers and timetabled slots which we don’t have here.

Love all the hard work by the team at IFATC, keep it up guys and girls!


would be happy to take a look at a reply and see what was going on. could be a learning opportunity for a controller as well :)

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Can someone tell me who was controlling PHNL tower and ground today, Sunday Nov 6 around 1900Z-ish? I’ve got some questions for him. 😳


From what I can see on my end, it doesn’t appear that anyone was controlling PHNL today at all, including at or around the time of 1900Z.

The last time PHNL was controlled by an IFATC controller was yesterday at/around 0100Z. Are you sure you were on the Expert Server or were you maybe on the Training Server instead?

Disregard…I’m an idiot. Training server. Must have switched accidentally.

So it could have been a twitter layoff for all we know. 🤷‍♂️

Yeah, it was expert server. He was only on briefly but enough to give me taxi clearance to 3 different runways, switchover to tower when I was turning around on the taxiway (MD-11F…not super easy), then gave me some asinine departure restriction of maintain rwy hdg to 10’000.

So…just wanted to….chat. 😳

No biggie though. I found it amusing at least, though I think it scared off some others.

You should be able to review your replay from your flight and check who the controller was via the replay, I believe.

If you aren’t sure who they are, feel free to let me know the name and I can point you in the right direction.

Thanks mate, no worries. The fact it was the training server…meh, that’s my fault. I had a whole speech lined up thinking it was expert server…

But the joke is on me. 🤠👍

No worries at all. Have a great day!

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