Question to Community Rule Enforcers: Can community members start posting plane pics from the app EarthCam?

You’re wondering what I’m talking about. I’ve had a webcam app called EarthCam for three months, and on Sunday, I appear on one of the free webcams, and what else is there but a plane. I’d like to ask if it would be allowed on this community to post pictures from this app. I’ve heard the rule that you can only post your own plane spotting pictures, I’d like to make sure that would be acceptable on the community. Below is an example pic to show what it would look like. Please note it was taken three months ago.

If you see towards the middle of the screenshot from the webcam, you see a plane coming in, most likely towards KEWR. I’d also like to know that answer too, what airport they would come into. However for community rule enforcers, would it be against the rules or not to have a massive thread of these kinds of pics?

Well for starters I hope web cam has a camera closer to the final approach because that’s way too far out to do any much more IDing than the approx size and possible destination for the aircraft


I’ll get back to you wether you can actually post these. My issue is a ‘massive’ thread of these.

To save space, it would be best if you upload them to Flickr and then post the link on here. Something like that ((:

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The rule that you can only post your own photos only applies to the “Spotting” category, I think.

I didn’t realise uploading to Flickr first saved space, I’ll see if I can do that from now on.

Post in RWA instead of Spotting. People post others’ photos in RWA so there shouldn’t be any problem, as long as you comply wih whatever the moderators’ restrictions may be on posting images (Frequency, where hosted, etc.), if any

well, from the way the statue looks, it only can be Newark (KEWR)

most probably approaching 22L,

the statue of liberty is a little north and east of the field.

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If you want to post these then go ahead on the RWA category.

Don’t post in spotting and don’t claim they are yours that you have taken and it’s all good ((:

When I meant massive, I actually meant a lot of posts, not a lot of pictures in each post.

Sorry to confuse you.

Okay, I’ve posted the topic I was asking if I could post. You can view it at EarthCam Spotting