Question to ATC

I was just wondering does it feel similar to real life when a airport is busy does it feel also very intense for ATC getting aircraft taxi to take landing, do you guys feel the pressure in a similar way in the game then you would in real life.


Sometimes I do feel the pressure and stress when controlling busy airspaces/airports! I do like the feeling of that though.


Ohhh thats so cool is there times that you get very overwhelmed.

Yep! Especially when controlling at tricky airports for the first time, or airports with heavy terrain.

What airport on IF is the.most difficult for you to control.

KATL a few FNFs ago…

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To be honest, I haven’t controlled at very hard airports like KASE or NZQN. I am quite new as a radar controller and still have lots to learn.

I’ve controlled radar at OAKB (Kabul) and SCEL (Santiago), both very mountainous.

How do you as ATC get it right to space aircraft for landing when it gets really busy

The approach puts aircrafts on various holds to get spacing between aircraft’s.

That’s really up to radar controllers, they make work for tower easier. They are specially trained for this.

Ohhhh I see do you guys have certain ranks as ATC to give you authority to ATC at a certain airport

I can imagine it would be very stressful to control featured airports today (airports with 1 rwy and a backtaxi)… Must really get your heart beating!
Cign :)

Do you guys sometimes get aircraft that doesn’t tune into Approach

The ranks are as follows:

Apprentice- Limited to Class Charlie and Delta Airports
Specialist- Can control Class Bravo Airports
Officer- Can controller radar positions (and center)

There are other special ranks people are selected for too, like supervisor, trainer and recruiter.

Yes, but then you on guard them, if they still don’t come and they are active we on guard them again, then report, only if they are interfering with others.

I do a lot of flights based on the ATC schedule and I would just like to say that you guys do a fantastic job.


What is you’re first ATC airport that you have done how was the experience

ATC - Im gonna ask you guys a few questions just to understand how ATC work its interesting as a pilot just to know the background of how you guys handle aircraft sorry if I am gonna ask a lot of questions😊

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I opened EIDW first, it was just the first IFATC at home schedule! It was an amazing first session. Feedback from others was also great and helped out.

What is the most difficult part of being a ATC for you guy.