Question to All aviators

General Question to all my fellow Friends, close buddy’s, and IF Crew on Infinite Flight…

What is your adventurous story on how you became strongly interested in Aviation, or Infinite Flight?

Ill start, Since I was a baby, although I don’t remember much before 4 yrs old, Id always fly out Of ORD many times a year, mostly to visit family in Europe or even Vacation, We flew a lot and I always wondered how it was to operate an aircraft. What really sparked it was how some of my family worked in the aviation industry or around it, it revolved around me and my family, its always been a topic around my family, ever since then ive had one goal.

Whats your story, I am curious on this so please don’t hesitate, Im interested to hear your story too.


I used to hate aviation when I was young, but when I have pressed a download button of Airliner Commander, I suddenly live aviation.


Hiya buddy, you can continue here.


How I got into aviation is one day I went flying in a Cessna 172 and it was very fun, but what made it happen was when I went flying in an Cirrus and I actually flew the plane for about a minute. This is how I got into aviation.

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I’ve always loved planespotting with my dad and flying with different airlines, it gives me a good sensation idk why but I love it 🤓. luckily I got to see some planes at Heathrow airport because my dad is flying to Lahore today.