Question time

Hello Is there a way to desactivate my subscription for a limited time and then be reopen it? Because I plan not to fly too much in the coming months and I will still pay the amount each month.

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Hey there!

You can always cancel your subscription while you’re inactive, and resubscribe at any time in the future. You will not lose any of your permanent statistics while you’re away.

Or if you’ve subscribed using an Android device, you can pause payments for your subscription for up to 3 months. This is effectively the same as canceling it completely, except it will restart payments automatically after the pause period has ended, rather than you having to resubscribe automatically. You can resume payments at any time before the pause period expires, should you decide you would like to do so.

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Ok thank you for the information, it’s a nicely done think.

Bye , see you in few months