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It is possible that I can request TFR for an airport?
Lisboa Humberto Delgado

Hiya, I believe you have asked for this before 🙂

Adding onto the request, if the runway markings are removed (so the centerline markings and/or the touchdown markings are too, the if will most likely be removed in game to a taxiway (so there is physically no runway). Last time I looked I believe just the numbers (on the south end) and some minor things had been removed.


Yes you are correct, but it’s now a taxiway
That’s why will be more realistic to add to IF TFR in Lisbon


As I mentioned before, there’s a lot of TFRs around the world, so (I believe) the TFRs are put in (special) airports with special size restrictions, procedures, and so on.

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I did see already TFR on IF with only saying this specific runuway is corrent now a taxiway

It’s the same question from months ago, but to clarify I’m not complaining

Couple months ago I saw someone landing at runway 35 at Lisbon… Well we portuguese know that is not realistic. I also my self on IF use the supost runway as a taxiway

Well, there’s nothing anyone can do about how some people on the Expert Server fly. All you can do is keep being yourself and keep being realistic.

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Yes I know that. I’m not here to criticize anyone who does wrong in Lisbon.
Just requesting this to the people Flys to lisbon knows

I recall discussing this with the airport editing team a couple of months ago, I brought it up to Bruno (AET Manager) and we couldn’t determine if the construction is to turn it into a dual-use runway/taxiway (Akin to 09-27/Taxiway D at LUKK) or just as a single purpose taxiway. The Navigraph charts of the airport still indicate the runway exists as a runway because it hasn’t been fully converted yet. Since we are unable to simulate construction works necessarily, we will just keep it there as an option until the construction is fully complete to see if we either need to remove it or keep it.



Ok, I understand that you decided to continue with the runway open and I respect your decision, we will have to wait for new developments in the expansion of the airport,thanks.

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