Question regarding WSAC

So how am I supposed to tell WSSS ATC I wanna go to runway 02R/20L at WSAC?

So, what I would do is maybe PM the controller and then go from there tbh

You don’t. WSAC is the military part of the airport.

Flights are departing from that runway IRL

Hmm… well, this is IF so I honestly don’t know what to do

Well, I think IFATC will probably lead you to the closest runway imo depending on where you are at WSSS

Also, since when does WSSS departures use that runway?


I don’t think it’s possible to request 02R/20L on WSSS frequencies (if someone was controlling WSAC frequencies then it’s possible)

The runway at WSAC has been in construction as SIN’s third runway. Since it went into service, runway 02C/20C will be shut down for maintenance and flights will use the third runway instead

If I’m wrong, please do correct me.

Philippe, currently there is no way to request a taxi to that runway. Unfortunately you must stick to the two runways WSSS has in-game until it is updated.

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In terms of realism, you NEVER EVER use 02R/20L. It’s used by the air force, and no commercial jet lands there. In the future tho, there is a new terminal and the air force moves somewhere else and that runway is used by commercial.

I terms of IF, it technically is not the same airport so that request doesn’t pop up on the ATC screen.

Not sure where u saw that from…

This is incorrect. According to this source here, Singapore to use third runway during Changi East upgrading | News | Flight Global, the Air Force has allowed commercial flights to operate on the third runway while the second runway is shut down for maintenance.

In the picture that Claudio sent above, you can also clearly see a commercial jet depart from the third runway.

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Additionally, see @PlaneGeek’s reply above.


I don’t think they will ever change the name from WSAC to WSSS as a whole. If so it will take a few years at best. I mean it would help ATC a lot to spread out traffic by using runway 02R/20L.

I’d just to mention that if you message us whilst we’re controlling (especially at a big airport), don’t expect a response. We’re focusing on controlling and communicating with fellow controllers. We are not giving attention to your PMs.


I would say as long as you have WSAC in your flight plan and intend to park in that area, ATC should realize your destination and not bother you.

But, if you planned on landing on the WSAC portion then taxi to the WSSS portion in IF, that’s a different story. In that case, I would just go with what IFATC are doing, which is 02L and 02C, not 02R. I’m sure it will be updated soon, but for now, just go with the flow.

My 2 cents

Not sure where you heard this but Runway 02R/20L is now being introduced to commercial ops, the runway lengthening process has been done and Runway 02C/20C is now closed for maintenance.

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