Question regarding VNAV

Last time i try using VNAV to descend but it always makes the aircraft descend too fast and i feel like it will descend too early, so do i use VNAV or descend manually? cause that’s what i do because i dont trust VNAV

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VNAV depends heavily on whether your altitudes are put in correctly, as well as how early you trigger VNAV. If you have a flight plan correctly set out, you should not be really exceeding 2,800 feet per minute in descent rate. Ideally, before your top of descent, you should check through your legs and altitudes to make sure there are no errant altitudes and legs such as those that may have you descent 10,000 feet in 5 miles, which is just simply not feasible.

More often than not, you’ll want to manually check through your STAR to guarantee that your altitudes are appropriately set out, and there are a number of resources online that can help you plan such as these links below.


Hi! I think that you’re descending too fast bc the altitudes in ur flight plan are too far apart (for ex. 30,000 to 19000 in only 15 nm). You can change this by adjusting the altitudes; you do that by pressing the set alt button on the bottom

Edit NVM @LordWizrak has you covered :)


Thanks for the help! Appreciate it

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