Question Regarding VAs

Hello, I was wondering if it was possible to join more than one VA at once.

Thanks for your answers!

I’m pretty sure different VA’s have different policies

Absolutely you can. One caveat is that you can only be staff at one.

So I can’t be a pilot in 2 VAs?

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No. Actual High ranking staff. Pilots are members.

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Adding on, yes you can join more then one VA but i used to be in a few at once and it can catch up to you, and make the experience less enjoyable so

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Depends on the VA. In mine, you’re allowed to be in multiple VAs (I do this myself)

So, I can be a pilot, but not a high ranking staff?

Some VA demand higher requirements than others, so it depends a lot on your availability

Yes, that’s the rule.

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Alright, thanks.

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You can be staff in one VA and be a pilot in another, you just can’t be staff in multiple VAs

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Not necessarily high ranking, just staff (CEO, COO, HR Manager, Trainer etc etc). See

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