Question regarding the TBM930

In real life, does the TBM 930 have to start its engine before turning on the main battery? This is in the case it is not connected to a GPU. Also on shutdown, do you first turn off all of the masters and lights before shutting down the engine? Thanks!

I think it’s the other way around.

Yeah it would make sense for the avionics to be started before the engine like commercial airliners do

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I just saw Steveo1kinevo do it like that so that’s why I’m asking.

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Per the POH, the battery is supposed to be on first.

Ok thank you!

while i’m here, does the gpu really do anything?

In the sim - no.

In real life - yes.


I’m a DA40 pilot and we always turn on the electrics first in our planes so we can see the engine gauges (we operate the G1000 avionics so everything is digital). The TBM is just a way nicer plane than the DA40, but they turn on in a similar fashion

Is there a #features request to make it function?

I don’t think they will allow that #features as they closed one because they changed the category rules.

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