Question Regarding Report (Cannot Find ATC username here)

Hello IF community,

I wanted to reach out to inquire about a ghosting. I was flying a long flight from LAX to JFK in a Boeing 787-8. I tried to calculate as closely as possible so that I would just have enough to make the trip and a bit extra in case I needed flexibility with my approach. The traffic didn’t seem that busy and I declared minimum fuel first at which the atc directed me to go around from 13R to 31R and requested an extended downwind, then requested again putting me about 33 miles from the GPS “Distance to Dest” which was at that point set to the beginning of 31R. I at this point declared emergency fuel. I still would have been ok as I was given “number 1 cleared to land” at this point. However before I got to the red cone (I believe this is the localizer? Please lmk if I am mistaken) I was told to make a right 360 for spacing. I then reiterated emergency fuel just in case they might have forgotten but I received the same message. So I made a right 360. Then I was directed to go around and I was cleared for runway 13R. By the time I actually made it near an appropriate and safe approach (from my view, again, plz lmk if I was mistaken to go to the end of the “cone” which I believe to be the localizer) I had run out of fuel and tired to keep up with full flaps and glide in but ended up doing a nose dive. I was given a report that says by “taxiway lights” spamming frequency.

Sorry for the long winded explanation I just wanted to give every detail. I also wanted to inquire as to what I could have done better (excluding extra fuel) as to avoid this in the future. I also would like to understand exactly what I can do and/or expect in this situation. I also would like to apologize for any mistakes I may have made.

Thank you so much for your time and support.

Best, Zach


He said he was ghosted by “taxiway lights”
I’m very confused right now. Was this on training or expert? KJFK was not featured this week so I’d assume training, so it was probably a mod.

Wait, what?

Then I assume you got a violation?
But then it’s not possible as he got reported for “spamming frequency” which can’t be a violation…

How long ago was this? If it was a while back, it could have been Expert (although I don’t remember JFK being featured in a long time).


This is what I see on my side any help is greatly appreciated.

Best, Zach


This happened 3 days ago on the training server. Thanks again.

On the Training Server? Are you 100% sure?

Report on TS? That doesn’t make any sense, probably best to PM a mod or staff and sorta it out Via PM because this is a first for probably many many people…

Ok thank you for all the help and yes I am sure it was in the training server. Thanks again!

Best, Zach

@Zach_Mayer can you provide your current display name and callsign, please?

Yes for sure, it is Zach Mayer and callsign Delta 1447.

Thank again, Zach

Okay, stand by. Will do a little background and we will continue in a PM with someone who can assist. I’ll add you to that shortly.

Oh thank you so much. And sorry this is not me trying to be a pain I just want to understand what I did wrong and how I can avoid such a situation in the future.

Thank you again for all your help.

Best, Zach

Hello, Zach! I did a bit of cross checking in our dashboard to ensure you were on the Training Server. It appears you were ghosted by @RdJaveri for “spamming frequency” on a flight from Orlando (MCO).

That said, our IFATC members are not allowed to control on the Training Server for this exact reason. The training server is there to learn, free of ghosting, with opportunity for mistakes without a 7 day penalty from ATC.

I’ve removed this report from your account and now awaiting the controller’s response to see why they were controlling there in the first place and even more so why they ghosted someone. Apologies for any inconvenience. If you close and relaunch Infinite Flight your previous grade before the ghost will be restored. Thanks, Zach!



Yes. This did not make sense that you were ghosted in Training Server. Like Tyler said, IFATC members are not allowed to be on TS and Ghosting on TS. The controller should have known they were not supposed to control on TS. Sorry to hear this Zach.

Kind Regards, Aidan

Ok thank you so much for the support.

Best, Zach


thank god u were not ghosted @Zach_Mayer but I wonder what u happen to @RdJaveri will he have to spend a week off expert? who knows…

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