Question regarding Pro Subscription

My subscription ends tomorrow. I initially bought it when Live+ was a thing. I was very honored to be moved into Pro for the remaining couple of months.

Unfortunately, I cannot afford the 12 year Pro subscription for now, and can only afford monthly. If I purchase the Monthy pro subscription, am I able to upgrade to 12 months? Because I will eventually have enough to get 12 months.

I thought I would ask here :)

You will be able to upgrade to a yearly pass

I believe that you may have to cancel your monthly subscription before it ends and then buy the yearly one. - A mod can possibly back me up on that


Thanks. Asking because Financial things have come up, in which I cannot afford the 12yr sub

You just gave us an idea for a new subscription plan… ;)

Seriously though, as @Balloonchaser said you can upgrade in the way he described.
Cancel the subscription when you want to upgrade. Once it expires, you can pick another plan.


I meant twelve months, oh my gosh! But yeah… something to think about ;)


I think I got my answer. Thanks guys! This topic can be closed now :)