Question regarding Podgorica airport

So I took a look at Podgorica Airport (LYPG) and it has a runway 08/26 which is very far from the terminal. I checked Google Earth but that runway isn’t there. Is it possible that the airport simply hasn’t been updated or that the Google Earth scenery hasn’t been updated? Clarification would be appreciated.

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That job is up to IFAET, unfortunately they don’t take requests.

Let me have a look.

I only wish to know wether this runway should be there or not.

I can confirm the airport has not been edited yet, and 08/26 shouldn’t be there.

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I can also confirm as a knowledgeable individual, that its not suposed to be there. Though, it does line up with some fields and dirt paths, someone might have mixed it up ;)

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I wouldn’t say an editor would confuse a grass field for a runway. Especially considering the fact that the airport has not been edited.

I am technically currently editing it but I don’t have time for editing anymore lol

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Well basically the runway has turned into a public road, including the taxi way. Id say that the airport needs some updates.