Question regarding masking/rotoscoping

Has anyone here previously attempted to isolate the aircraft from the surrounding scenery during filmmaking? You know, to produce a matte on an alpha channel? I’ve been trying to do this but without the aid of a green screen backdrop it’s a very difficult process!

You could try rotoscoping (basically like auto-masking), but for the best results it might just be better to mask it manually. 🤷‍♂️

Then you could plug the mask into an alpha channel or turn it into a matte or whatever you need it to do.

I’d like to help but I don’t really understand.

You want the video of the plane with a changeable background?

I’ve tried that with varying levels of success; it gets thrown by the lighting artefacts on the aircraft, and I’m not particularly adept with manual masking

Yes that is the general idea; how simple it would be with a green screen background

Fair enough, manual masking can sometimes be a bit of a pain (and very boring lol). I don’t know what else to suggest, there isn’t much else to do but masking, since there isn’t a green screen - the only other thing I can suggest (although I doubt this will get very desirable results, but it’s worth a shot), is to go to a very desert-y area, and then possibly try and key out the orange-y colour of the sand? That might equally work if it is over the sea, or any place with uniform colour.

Tried desert and water, the latter of which nearly passes for a blue screen except when dealing with similarly blue coloured fuselages!

Oh brilliant! - I’ll have to remember that myself - so are you trying to isolate a blue fuselage?

I’ll message you about it

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Jason did it in the 20.1 trailer on the transition to 737. It depends on what you’re trying to mask: if it’s a wing like he did that will be relatively easy, but if you’re going into more close-up shots at one point it will become a nightmare where you’ll spend tens of minutes on just 1 frame. Haven’t found any areas which can be used as a green screen yet, however I’d bet there is a way to mask without green screen just by knowing the background, so not having your camera move might be a very convenient thing

Well the original idea was to create a turntable effect, where the camera panned slowly around a central axis - I’ve gone to great lengths to make that part work at least!


Problem solved! Just use the South Pole station and you’ve got yourself a solid white background :) Would a mod please close topic?

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