Question regarding 'Live'

Hi guys!
Alex here again.
I have already asked a question about Live before, and know I have finally have it.
I think I get to keep all aircraft forever because even when I log out, I still have them in single player mode.
It took me a while to notice the speed limits under 10K ft in training servers and when I looked at my board (this is my first day), I had 10 violation.
Even though I have enough landings (95) to pass to Grade 2, I can’t because of violations (no ghostings though) and know whenever I join a server, I can’t get a response from towers.
My iPad does have issues but even after restarting, I can’t get answers or people to notice me (they go right through on the taxiways).
Do you think that this is because of my 10 violations in one day or because of my device?
Thanks in advance.

Hey Alex!

On Live all aircraft go through you regardless and sometimes on TS1 let’s just say ATC can be a bit…lazy ;)


That’s your answer. You have to wait a certain amount of time before controllers/other pilots will see you again ;)


And today we’re gonna be talking about the top 10 people in the IFC. Oh screw it, I’m skipping to number 1. At number 1 we have: Pilotmaster2129!


The man who was once here before, has come back again. True fact in this scenario.

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