Question Regarding Live+ (12 months) Subscription

So I usually buy month-long subscriptions, but am thinking about buying a year-long subscription. I have already purchased a large amount of in-app purchases (planes + regions). My question is, when my year subscription expires next year, the planes I have not purchased will un-download, but will the planes I have already bought stick around? I don’t want to lose the planes and regions I have already bought.

I would imagine that you wouldn’t lose the planes you have purchased. It wouldn’t make sense for them to take a way a permenant (Or refundable) purchase. Under your account, the planes will be listed as bought, so Live+ will not affect them likely.

Just an educated guess


Sorry if this has been asked before:

I have had Live+ for a few months now. Do I have to pay for the A320?

But you should pay when your Live+ sub expires

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Wait if I buy Live+ and it gives me all planes and regions etc, after the subscription expires do I have to individually purchase the aircraft or do they stay in my account?

You will have to individually purchase them again, or just get another Live +.

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