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I have 2 questions.

By next year (when most KLAX renovations will be finished), does IFAET have any plans to update Los Angeles International Airport when the planned renovations are completed? At this time, LAX’s Terminal 3 has been opened from construction and features Jet Bridges. The Terminal in game still has the stands and is in the construction gates. Will it ever be updated? At this time, Terminal 3 is the host terminal for many Delta flights and has even merged with the past Terminal 2 into one Terminal 3.
The airport will look much more realistic with the update. Some other terminals (such as Terminal 6) also features construction in the game. Will that also change soon? Will they be able to add the walkways connecting the Parking lots and train stations to the terminal?

Also expected to be completed in 2023 is the new Airport People mover from the Car Rental area. Will this also be modeled in the game?

You can find more about this renovation here.

Thanks for any answers. A update on Terminal 3 will bring many flight recreation opportunities, especially for Delta.


I’d say it’s pretty likely the airport will be updated when construction finishes, with how popular an airport like LAX is. Not sure about the walkways connecting the parking lots/train stations, or the Airport People mover, but I’d bet on T3 being added in.

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Thanks for the answer! I would love the T3 addition. Now I am I just wondering about the Walkways since I see some of those added onto some airports. Like UBBB, will they also add roads to KLAX or other airports or do you think that is a one off thing?


KLAX will certainly be updated once the renovations are complete. The editing team will update this once the imagery becomes available, so it’s more of not if but when.

This will most likely include roads, walkways etc. that are within the airport boundary also.

With LAX being as popular as it is in Infinite Flight, I would say that it’s certain we will see it updated at some point in the future.

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Thank you very much for the insight!

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You’re very welcome. Have a great rest of your day!

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