Question regarding interior and exterior sounds

Ok, so random question that I can’t stop thinking about is if the engine sound files for the default sound that exists on most aircraft and the A10 engine sound files could be mixed together to have the interior sounds be the default and exterior be the A10. The reason for this is the A10 engines sounds very similar to the ERJ family and CRJ family irl. They all have that high pitched buzz sound. I would also include the CL35 since from my experience with private jets, they also have the high pitched buzz.

The question really is if engine sound files (if that’s what you can call them) could be mixed or not. There are clearly 2 different sounds per aircraft. I don’t know the programming behind it so I’m curious if this has been brought up before among the developers, if it has been considered, or why it hasn’t be implemented into Infinite Flight?

If a visual is required for your understanding then don’t hesitate to ask. I’m willing to provide one if it makes answering my question easier.

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I absolutely agree!

That would be because they share the same engine type in real life.

…sameish to a degree… 😜


There’s a lot of technical differences between the CF-34 and the TF-34, yeah. And the 600 different variants of the CF-34. But they all look the same. Lol

Agreed. But they don’t sound the same. That’s mainly why the sounds were never added to the A10


So you’re telling me that the A-10 sounds are the generic ones and pretty much every jet has the 737-ish custom sound pack instead of the generic ones? That’s pretty cool! 😜

It’s actually kind of a shame the A-10 sounds weren’t chosen for the CRJ and E175. They may be different, however, at least in my opinion anyway, the A-10 still has a more similar sound to the CRJ and E175 than the 737 simply because the engines are derivatives of each other, while the CFM56 has little in common with those engines other than being a turbofan developed in the late 1970s and improved upon in the 1980s and 1990s. As for the E190, its engine is such an upgraded version of the TF34 that it barely resembles it in sound, being right in between a TF34 and a CFM56, so, for that one, either sound is fine for me.

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I did a comparison this morning with the A10 sounds and ERJ and CRJ sounds irl. I could honestly say that the interior sounds are almost identical as well. To me, the A10 sound pack would be a better option than what currently exists on the ERJs and CRJs. It’s better to get close to the real thing than to put something that doesn’t sound like the ERJ or CRJ at all.


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