Question regarding IFATC

Now I might be able to find this somewhere, I don’t really know though.

I’ve got a couple questions regarding IFATC

  1. How many ops does it take to be a controller
  2. How long and hard is the test(s) for becoming a controller.
  3. Is there a training handbook that can guide me to becoming a controller.
  4. How much practice does it take to be ready for the IFATC test.

If someone could answers these I’d be more than happy thanks.

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Hey there!

To answer some of the questions which you have, to become an IFATC controller, you must have at least 500 operations before joining IFATC. When you do apply for IFATC, you’d have to sit two exams, one written, where you’re tested on your knowledge about controlling, and a practical exam where you’re tested on frequency with IFATC testers. Only after you’ve passed your practical are you allowed to join IFATC.

The training handbook could be found using this link, and practice is something that definitely helps acquaint you with the ATC interface and controlling. If you don’t feel confident, you can always elect to have training which your recruiter would be able to set you up with.

I hope this answers some of the questions that you have, and if you are interested in joining IFATC, I look forward to seeing you on the team soon!

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To add to what @LordWizrak has mentioned, I can highly recommend taking a look at our IFATC Recruitment Topic: Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting

I can’t wait to see your application!


Thanks guys that’s answers every question I have.

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