Question Regarding Ground Speed


I did some searching and found some contradicting information. Is the 550 knot ground speed limit below FL400 still enforced? I’m only asking because this post by Tyler back in January doesn’t include this rule, and I’ve seen countless others accidentally violating this old(?) rule.

I’ve had a few instances where I had a 125-150kt tail wind while cruising at Mach 0.80 and my ground speed was 560-580 knots. I have seen this happen to countless others on the Expert Server as well, and was wondering if this is still a ghostable offense?

Not to raise a childish argument, but these situations occur in real life and the pilots don’t respond by reducing speed to Mach 0.68 (what I had to reduce to in order to be under 550 knots GS). Most recently (eh 2015, but I guess I’m getting old), a British Airways 777 broke records for the fastest transatlantic crossing not done in a Concorde…due to a crazy jet stream (

So yeah, could a Mod or IFATC (or both) clarify this?

Many thanks! Just trying to play by the rules.

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Hey, there is no ground speed limit in the game. The only speed related limits are 250 kts IAS below 10k and don’t overspeed in your aircraft


This rule has been removed now since Global update. As the limit is now adjusted depending on your aircraft type (Overspeed)

Examples :

  • You can’t go up to M0.88 in A320s as it will be considered as overspeed, and M0.90 in 787s
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Thanks a lot for the prompt responses guys! Just wanted to double check since I was second guessing myself/the search results.