Question regarding ATC

Hi, I know I am asking a lot questions lately but bare with me

I just did a mini ATC session on the training server and I already had 59 operations

But it has remained at 59?? Why hasn’t it gone up?

Also, what commands and actions will actually increase the number of operations ?


I’m not too sure but i know that clearing ppl for takeoff or landing is an operation and clearing for approach is an operation. (Tower and Approach are mentioned there).

There should be more but idk too much.

What were you controlling? Tower, ground, approach etc.

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Tried a quick app restart first?


I was controlling at JFK

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Yeah that has worked, it has updated. Thanks very much guys

No problem, glad that worked for you.


Hello, the same thing happens to me but at the end of the session, close the app and reopen it, it is updated

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