Question regarding Active Airspace and ATC

Hi there. Nearly at Grade 3, but I’ve been flying in the Training Server a lot lately, and I’ve had a few interactions where (when I’m about 30-40 minutes out, and at least 100nm out) the Tower starts raising me and advising me that ‘I’m in an Active Airspace’ and to contact Approach. As I’m usually still at cruising altitude, or maybe beginning my descent, I cannot tune to those frequencies, but they’ll keep calling me.

It’s happened 3 or 4 times now. Am I missing something/doing something wrong?

If not, can the Training server ATC folk chill a little?


No, this is not your fault.

Generally some tower people on TS like to spam you with “you’re in an active airspace”, but doing that at 100nm out is not correct. You wouldn’t call in until around 25.

Typical atc on training, can’t help it🤷‍♂️

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Just to add, if youre flying on Expert. Contact tower if at 10000 or below within 25 nm of the destination and for approach when at FL180 or below within 50 nm of the airport.
I believe you can actually contact approach when you are 65nm out.

The correct would be like this:

But as you were in training server…

Thanks for the replies. I just wanted to be sure.

On that note, is there a ‘training feedback’ thread? I’ve had some great ATC Controllers in training, and obviously I can’t give feedback in the air.

It depends, a good amount of the controllers on the training server on not on the IFC, but those that are and are open to feedback can be found in #atc with ATC tracking threads which are basically practice sessions to join IFATC. Scroll through and you can see how various people are open, if you see them as your controller you can go give feedback.

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