Question Re Braking

How realistic is IF APPR in regards to braking? Just curious. It seems if you land all the way with APPR the brakes engage immediately (at least the button is pressed)? I thought in commercial jets they did not engage the brakes until under 70 kn or so. What would happen in a real aircraft if flown all the way down on APPR? Is it the pilot’s responsibility to engage the brakes, or does the system defer actual braking until under a certain speed?

The brakes automatically engage when you hit the ground (On Infinite Flight)

Caution: inaccurate information.

As far as I know you can set auto breaks in commercial airliners. If these are engaged they brake automatically. (?) Although in RWA no one would actually let the autopilot land the plane. If you can’t fulfill CAT requirements then you go around/divert

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Oh my bad Jasper, I thought he was talking about IF… oops :)

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Thank you. That is definitely interesting. I’m still not entirely sure I understand the process (manual or automated) even if I Google around some more. The closest I have come is the landing section here. My question is really about the deceleration process (spoilers, reverse thrust, wheel brakes) and less about the automation aspect. Am I incorrect about my 70 kn? Perhaps that is from an older generation and modern computer and hydraulic systems are able to manage the wheel brakes at higher speeds without overheating and destroying them.

If I ever use APPR I prefer to disengage once I am close / have visuals (low visibility). Manual is much more fun for me.

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Yes I agree completely. My mention of APPR was tangential and I have removed it at least from the title. The question was more about manual and autobraking. I just mentioned APPR since it sets the brake button on.

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Yes, typically you would use brakes once one’s speed has decreased below about 80kts, but on short runways brakes are often engaged earlier so the aircraft can avoid overrunning. The fact that the APPR engages the brakes would be because it’s a basic component and maybe would accept every runway as short so landing anywhere is possible.

Every landing uses airbrakes but they use different pressure settings. IF only has one setting.
I use auto brakes for most of my landings, but I disable the auto brakes as soon as my plane is stable. Below 70kts I use manual braking for exiting the runway and taxiing.

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They do let auto pilot land in RWA but it is very very rare.

Max Sez. Auto Braking, I love them. Barely a skid on a wet/ice slick/ cross wind runway. Almost all modern commercial aircraft have them. All IF aircraft brakes emulate auto brakes. Set the brake when you dirty up on Approch.
Release them after reverser auto shut down ((30/40 GS) and taxi in with panache!