Question re: A320 new liveries

Hello all,

I was wondering when will the new liveries for the A320 family be released? After the rework of the 777 and the release of the A350 or during one of the regular updates for the app?

Thanks for all you do.

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In a recent update, A320 liveries were added. I doubt more are to come in the near future. But there is a chance still.

I don’t really know but I’m assuming it won’t be announced until they’re ready to be released because the developers don’t usually put dates. If I had to guess I would say they’re after the A350 and 777 are released

No guessing please. News will be released when the time comes :)

There were talks about other liveries from other airlines like Azul, Viva Aerobus among others…


Not calling for speculation, just to know if it is indeed still in the books or not. It was supposed to happen with the live instruments for the 320s but it was postponed.

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No new A320 family liveries have been added in over a year 🙂

As for the liveries confirmed at Oshkosh, we haven’t heard any word on those. Be sure to check #announcements for any official word.