Question: Propriate cancel inbound clearance

Hello pilots from the IFC webz,

Time for a question again regarding the appropriate command to cancel a inbound clearance, while on “final”.

Given an example you give clearance to pilot no.1 (at given time of clearance the aircraft is 5NM from the airport and is flying around 150kts) for the inbound. But while the pilot no.1 is doing his/her thing. You see an inexperienced pilot (no.2) that is inbound and is 8NM and is flying 250kts.

While you already requested pilot no.2 for an 360 or Slow speed, the pilot is not listening to you and is continuing their inbound and eventually disconnect themself from your frequency.

What would be the appropriate given command to pilot no.1, cause you already see that pilot no.2 is not going to listen.

  1. Using Cancel clearance option and sequencing him to pilot no.2 etc.
  2. To issue him a go around and then sequence pilot no.1 to no.2 (I’d say it’s the same as option 1)
  3. To ignore pilot no.2 and just let pilot no.1 continue his/her inbound.

What would be the appropriate command to give?

Let’s start a discussion ahaha!

Cheers! 👽 👽

On the training server, you can either ignore pilot no.2 or issue a go around for pilot no.1 to then get them in the pattern for a second try. On the expert server, you can warn then ghost pilot no.2 for failure to follow instructions.

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Once you sequence pilot 2, it is their job to maintain separation with the aircraft they are following.

If you are feeling generous, you would give them a 360 and hope they get it.

On expert, if a pilot fails to maintain separation or ignores those commands, we can ghost.

As a VFR pilot, it is their job to maintain separation with all aircraft.

Hope this helps!


The original poster said pilot no.2 has ignored all commands and disconnected from frequency. So, the responsibility nor the command will do anything for training server :/.

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Yup. I’m speaking on ES terms.

On TS, there is nothing you can really do once that happens.


You can atleast instruct pilot no.1 for a go around, pattern then second try so some realism is maintained in the end :/.

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No. Pilot 1 is following instructions and should not have to G/A as a result of the pilots behind them. It’s the TS, and there isn’t much you can do 🤷🏻‍♂️


I would try and get pilot 2 to go around, as it was his fault. Making pilot 1 go around is a bit unfair as it’s not his fault someone else is not adhering to realism. Of course on TS, there’s no knowing what he’s actually going to do but on ES we can ghost.

If he doesn’t respond, and pilot 1 wants a realistic flight, chances are he will initiate his own go around too.


This happens on expert and we do not ghost for this unless the aircraft interferes with another aircraft around them, they may not be communicating because they are having technical issues. That portion has nothing to do with the server you’re on. This isn’t an excuse for the speed though.

You’d simply have the trailing aircraft go around, then after they go around sequence (if necessary) and clear them. Never ignore.

You cannot issue a 360 on final or speed command on short final.


Yeah but they can’t help it if they’re in a md-11 and no 1 is a tbm

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MaxSez: Expert ; Separation is the key and an ATC responsibility. No.2 NORDO, Overspeed, GHOSTED, problem solved. Trainer: Fogetabout it.


This question was more regarding the training server, since most of the pilots listen very well in the Expert server (IF there is an active ATC!!!)

This situation will mostly occur in the training server… Definitely occurs in TS…

Reason for this is also cause there is a cancel inbound clearance option, that’s why I thought you can also use command instead of the Go Around. Cause there has to be a reason why that one is there, right?

To ignore pilot no.2 is not an option for me in that situation. Since I would not want to have another aicraft go through me while I am landing.

For example, if you have your practicals, isn’t it better to send pilot no.1 (who is engaging in the practical) for a G/A, rather than spamming pilot no.2?

Eventhough the Training Server doesn’t really has a nice reputation regarding pilots who are listening to the controller, I’d like to have it realistic as it can be… ahahha…

The keypoint in this “simulation” is more about the communication and speed.

But being 8NM from the airport isn’t considering short final, right? I mean, if the person is 4NM from the airport I’d understand that…

8nm is not considered short final, no, that was just a general statement.

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