Question on what model plane i should buy

Hey guys, so I have a 1 400 model of Philadelphia international airport. The planes are all Gemini jets and 1, Phoenix. American airlines uses A330-300/200 and 757-200 for international service, and i was wondering if anyone owns the Gemini jets American Airlines A330-300 (new colors) 1 400. Because i was thinking about buying, it, or I may just get another -200. -200 are more common at phly, but i was thinking i may want an -300, like i said if anyone owns one plz tell me if its a good model, thx!! if you would like to see my model of phly, its on youtube, and my channel is nai727, i know its not the best, and it still needs some work, but Iā€™m sure i will get a lot more love, once i upload some IF videos lol.

-ian or 7405896a

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