Question on Trip Reports

Please make sure to keep this on topic, I have just seen another topic completely derailed, but all I want is a simple answer to a question.

Are trip reports that outline a negative experience on an airline or at an airport allowed on the IFC? This could easily be a one comment answer, but I am curious after previous discussion. Thanks!


They should be. What does it matter to the approval process if it’s negative or postitive? Informative is informative regardless of what the contents say.


Just want to check due to previous rejections.

yes, in fact we want them, they give more insight to what the airline and trip is really like

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It’s probably more to do with the way the report is written rather than the content. For example, if you just straight up rant for three and a half paragraphs in unprofessional language and then just smack in 10 images at the end, that is probably less likely to be accepted than if you write a clear, well-planned, well laid out report that just documents your negative experience.


That is quite a valid point. I felt I structured it in a professional manner, but I was quite tired so it is possible it came across more ranty, but that is a very good point that was not thought of. I did try my best to keep it structured but you might have just hit the nail on the head there. Honestly can not remember fully as it was a few months ago and it was a string of flights I have been trying to forget for multiple reasons.

use this for example

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I have read this one, it was definitely different but it was not blunt or aggressive, just stating facts, which I know sometimes can sound blunt but that was just the point of what I was trying to do, get the facts across and no agressive undertones or emotion.

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Honestly, it’s pretty difficult to write about something like this negatively while still remaining professional. Generally though, if you just talk about what specifically was bad rather than going blanket statement (which often sounds more ranty), I think you probably stand a better chance.

For example: “The chicken on this flight was dry and flavorless. I’d probably opt for pasta next time” vs. “XXX airline has terrible food”.


Yeah I tried to keep it in the first example range. But again, it is entirely possible parts of it ranged into the second example. I would recreate it, now that I am more calm, not tired or using a phone, but not sure there is much point now.

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