Question on Speed Restrictions

When I am controlling approach, my options for speed is maintain best forward/slowest practical speed and speed is your discretion. But when I am flying into a approach controlled area (In Training Server), I can hear controllers say “ Do not exceed xxx knots. How do I pick a particular speed to send to arriving aircraft? Thanks!

The specific speed instructions are only available on the Radar frequencies.

Radar frequencies? I’m not sure what that is. When I go to choose the freq to control I am only presented with 4 options (ground, tower, app, & dep). Are there more?

Approach or Departure frequencies, just simpler to say Radar. :)

So that is what I’m confused about. I would be on the approach frequency but I can’t send exact speed restrictions.

When i hit the ‘request speed’ button I only see 5 options

One of the options brings up a list of speeds in IAS that you can tell them to maintain, maintain or don’t exceed, or maintain or exceed.

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Thank you! Mods can close this now.

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