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Not sure if I have to post this in the ATC category?! If not just give me a note.

I’m doing some ATC trainings atm and as you can see in the file attached I was sequencing 4 ACs and gave them clearance to land after the sequencing. Now my question: Iberia 4375 was #4 in the pattern entering right downwind R23 following the traffic (1-3) on left downwind. Iberia was closer to the runway in the end than #3. I extended the Upwind of #3 for separation and sequenced Iberia to #3 and G-TMWW now as #4 with new clearance afterwards. Little bit hard to describe, I know, but was this executed the right way?
Thx in advance.

Hello Black_Bird,

I believe you mean left downwind for Iberia (left downwind is when the plane has the airport to their left hand side and vice versa).

I think you mean “downwind” for #3?

In general what you did was correct, however the “extend downwind” command wouldn´t have been necessary as a sequence usually suffices in such situations. If everyone knows who they are following you can leave spacing up to the pilots.


I’m not an IFATC yet but here is what I think…

Iberia 4375 show be cleared for the option on the left rwy, Tomjet 3177 should be sequenced to follow traffic on final while G-TMWW should extend downwind for a bit and then use the sequence command. Might not be exact be that’s what I would use…
Any IFATC reading this, plz correct me if I’m wrong

Ok thanks

My bad, the prot on the left was correct. Left downwind. But I messed up with the number I recognize right now. So, when I sequence the planes to the runway it doesn’t matter on which side the airplane is aligned to the runway. I just have to assume their distance to the runway?

Again you’re right, that was the command I gave him. But good to know that it wasn’t necessary.

Correct, it doesn´t matter which side of the runway the plane is on. It´s always left downwind for planes that have the airport to their left and right downwind for planes that have the airport to their right.

Here´s a picture of the pattern legs for reference:


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Thx for your reply. Left runway could have been an option. But Iberia requested for 23R. So I wanted him to enter the sequence line. Maybe your option might have been the more adequate option in the end…

Thx, Im familiar with this image as it is close to the one in the manual. So coming back to Ryan_boi‘s advice: better to clear planes to the runway they are aligned on their inbound?

For an expeditious service this is recommended, however I would always grant the pilots request in runways if possible.

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With EGCC just be mindful though that with 23L you need to accommodate a back taxi, so be wary of separation with any other traffic you might have inbound or in the pattern on that runway

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Yup. That was the reason why I wanted the planes staying in the pattern to use 23R. Only planes that wanted to land/full stop I declared to use 23L :)

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Thx for all your answers. Thread could be closed!