Question on Reporting/ Violations

Hey people of the IFC, I was at an ATC hub today as I guess most of you were and this clown was trying to squeeze in between me and the poor pilot behind who have been waiting in excess of half an hour to take off and I was wondering would this be and appropriate situation to report someone

Unfortunately the report button does not work for normal pilots, so there isn’t much you can do.

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Ah okay thanks for letting me know

Unfortunately we cannot report as pilots unless you are moderator or staff… it would be up to the controller to command “give way” to allow aircraft into that position or ghost.

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Maybe continuing the discussion here would fit. We know that LSGG as a hub caused some troubles for both pilots and controllers. You as a pilot cant report unless being an ATC Supervisor, a member of the moderation team or an staff member.

Its the decision of the controller on duty to issue or not a report in this type of situations

Roger that, thanks for letting me know

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