Question on Radar Map

When I’m flying in the sim, and I go to the radar map to check my flightplan or watch for traffic around me, I see the aircrafts with little numbers over them, always negative. What do these mean?


(If this has already been explained I don’t know what’s it’s even called so I don’t know how to search it up). Just my dad and I were looking at the amazing sim and that was also a question he had. Any help is amazing.
I mean is it separation numbers? Altitudes? Headings?


That is the height of the plane - how much below you!

So that means 16 thousand feet below me? What if they are above me?

There will be a +!


I was going to ask this!

It’s displayed in hundreds of feet. So, if it says -16, they are approximately 1,600 feet below.


Hundreds of feet that makes more sense

Yea, it’s their height compred to yours. It displays in flight levels aka hundreds of feet.

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It’s the altitude of the plane, it’s used for gauging proper distance if you have overlapping FPL. I use it all the time if it’s busy and I am trying to see if I am going to run into somebody.

-1 = 1,000 feet
-120-12,000 feet


-1 = -100 feet I think

No, the question has already been answered multiple times…

-1 = -1,000ft

Okay sorry…

I need glasses… -1 is -100 feet, correct. Hundreds of feet. :) Sorry, lol!

Lol I’m going to check it out.

sorry for that stupid awnser of me

Whoops! Sorry Guys! I stand corrected.

I say this in the most humble way.

I’m new, about a month, and something like this, is new information. I read extensively and I still struggle with something as simple as this. A simple file, page, or post explaining basic information would have made my adjustment way easier.

I almost gave up, and I wonder how many have simply moved on because basic information is not easily accessible.

This isn’t a rant, it’s a plea. Thank you.

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How do we help you? Are you suggesting a beginners guide? I recommend the Infinite Flight Official YouTube channel - there are many helpful tutorials. Welcome to the community, and I trust you will learn fast.

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I was gonna type all the comments answer but as its alrdy answered I wont again…but as u mention “always” but that’s something which doesn’t happen unless u are always above all ac …which is obviously not possible…are y sure it’s always?

Thank you. There is a ton of great detailed information here. But distilling it into something that a new person can get started with, and making it easy to find would make it accessible. I think it would be crucial to helping new people during the time they are evaluating IF and deciding if it is something they would enjoy.

One short summary beginners guide that is officially approved and permanently pinned in a prominent place would be totally helpful. The guide would have one dominant purpose of giving enough basic information to get through the initial “do I really want to invest my time in this sim” period.

I’m suggesting one short beginners guide, officially approved and permanently pinned in a prominent place. I’m not suggesting a multitude of guides or a series that grows and becomes lost again in a forest of great stuff. There’s already plenty of great material like that. I can give some suggestions if this moves forward for further consideration.

The way things are done here is top notch. There is a constant cycling of topics that keeps the forum fresh and moving, giving it a clean and exciting appearance. So I’m not suggesting anything is being done wrong. I think things are being done extremely well.

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Its based on the feet above or below the aircraft is from you. If you’ve heard pilots talking about flight levels, they are at flight level XXXX while you are at flight level YYYY :)