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I don’t know how many different databases there are that list IF liveries(?). But I was wondering if in any of these, there is a quick way to tie each livery to the country of origin?

Of course for many airlines it’s in the name, Air Canada etc.

But for airlines I don’t know, is there any list that already ties country to IF livery, to avoid having to google each one separately?

(I asked something like this once before, but I don’t know if there is some new idea, as I never found a good solution)

Maybe this site could help, idk tho


Yes, thank you. I had been looking at that one, which is definitely very useful. And immediately I can get the full livery list, and go to aircraft etc. But I can’t cross reference that list to country of origin for each airline.

So it’s like I need that list plus something else (I was googling from that list).

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The goal is to sometimes casually fly in the region of a new country. But when doing so I’d like to “paint the sky” with a livery from that country. But I can’t think of a quick way to come up with options for finding the associated liveries.

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Oh, have you tried just looking up the registration? Thats probably a dumb thing to say lol

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Actually, that’s getting closer! Thanks. Now that you mentioned that, I need to look at this more, such as Aircraft registration - Wikipedia
Ideally, I’d like a list that you could just read the country next to the airline name. Even more ideally, I’d wish for maybe some regional subdivision of the origin within geographically large countries such as Brazil, the US, China etc. You know, what regionals in the south of Brazil or something. I don’t know if that’s possible.

Thanks for that!

This isn’t a thing. The registration prefix is universal for the entire country. So it’s N- for the entire US, C- for the entirety of Canada, etc….

Yeah, that’s what I mean. That extra info has to be an extra search step. It would be kind of nice to have the info all in one place, so I could see at a glance. The most ideal would be to maybe have a map reference: select a region and the airline coverage is roughly shown.

Something mapped in the sense below maybe, but related only to IF and with less info clutter, so you could even look within one country (or that’s the general sketch of idea). Though maybe I’m the only one who flies this way sometimes:

231 Infographics: Image (

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