Question on IFATC practice test

Hello guys!

I took the IFATC practice test, (I’ve done it multiple times to make sure I am fluent with my ATC knowledge) and I had a question.

One of the questions I got wrong was this one.

Could ya’ll explain why this makes any sense. A plane shouldn’t be able to back taxi, then use any available runway on a takeoff clearance, right? Or am I stupid? Could someone elaborate a little more on what it means by this? (Btw I got an 86 so I’m not too upset about this, just wondering.

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A clearance to take off, or even a line up and wait clearance by default includes a clearance to back taxi at the pilot’s discretion. This is necessary at airports where there is only one taxiway leading to the runway in the middle (e.g.: VQPR). Use any available runway means that the aircraft is free to back-taxi and use whatever length of runway that the pilot feels is appropriate for a safe takeoff.

You can read more about it here:


You can clear an aircraft for takeoff without the back-taxi command. Though, it’s the pilots discretion to back-taxi (if needed).


Ah that makes sense now. I thought it meant that they could like back taxi a runway then just say “Screw that, I using this runway instead”


Yup, it’s worded a little strangely, tbh. It should ideally read “use any available runway length


This is what I understand when it says that.

Attached above is a layout of FMEE (Saint-Dennis Roland Garros). Very frequently irl you will see that 14 is used for departures. To back taxi, you will need to cross Runway 12 which is paramount to reach to the end length of 14.


Thanks for the feedback on that! You were right to scrutinize that a bit based on the wording, though the others have pointed out the correct answer based on how the question was intended.

I’ve tweaked the question for more clarity. Cheers!


Yeah that question always confused me at first, but a few people stated earlier a takeoff clearance does give the pilot the clearance to back taxi at their on discretion, however some pilots don’t know this, so it’s easier to send a back taxi command from time to time.

Just a quick correction : the 14 is used for arrival and the 12 is used for Departures !

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