Question on how to fly a heavy plane

Such aircrafts could include 757,767, 340, 380.
For example, when I tried to fly a 767 from EWR to HNL. I need about 75% to 80% fuel for this long flight. And if I select 190 passengers (UA’s 767-300 capacity is 214), and about 3000kg cargo, that will add up to about 78% of the airplane load.
And every time I fly such heavy aircrafts, it is quite difficult for me to climb to FL350 or so at an ideal airspeed. So I wonder what should be the proper Vr, climb rate and N1(at different stages), trim, flaps. Or at first, such set up of the weight is not actually realistic.


Climbing to FL350 might be tough in the 767 if it is fully loaded. Maybe try starting at FL320 and step climb up. Also, the airspeed will decrease as the ground speed will stay the same when you climb.

It no different than flying a less heavy plane (if your talking about an airliner). What you need is to step climb. When your at a certain weight, don’t just climb right to FL350. It’s cause your to heavyset the will stall as your airspeed drops, try starting out at FL 310 and working your way up. A step climb: see below.

Yeah I know the airspeed would decrease as climbing up. But sometimes, my airspeed would decrease as low as 200 knots at FL280, climbing at about 1500-2000 feet/min. Is that a too high climb rate for a heavy 767?

Thanks for the guidance. Found it quite helpful.

Yes that’s a little much if it’s full. It might be a good idea to climb at 500-100 f/s for about a couple thousand feet then level out, gain speed and repeat as needed. Look at the tutorial as it’s the best explanation you’ll get.

Happy Flights and Good Luck!

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