Question on expert server

Sometimes on ES there is only one airport with ATC and I wanted to take off and land in a airport with ATC. Can I just take off from a airport, fly 100nm(or further)away, and come back to the same airport? What if the airport doesn’t allow pattern work?

Patternwork relates to when an aircraft is not departing the airspace and plans to do patterns at the airport. If it is not allowed, you aren’t allowed to do so. It’s also generally frowned upon to takeoff, depart for like 30 miles then call inbound again.

However, if you were to fly 100nm like you’re asking, I don’t think there’s a problem with that.


Yes, once you have completely left the airspace, the. It is no longer considered pattern work. However, if an airport is SUPER busy, the controller still might not accept your inbound, to accommodate people doing long flights. Their message will typically say, “(callsign), Destination airport no longer accepting incoming traffic at this time”


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