Question on Center boundaries

Ok so heres the situation:

Center is active with base in Sydney. We fly YBBN - YSSY. Sydney airport is very close to a boundary of a FIR, now lets say u arrive from Brisbane, north of Sydney. When u get very close to Sydney u still find urself in a different airspace than the one that our Center operates in.

Do u tune into Center once ure 270nm out of Sydney but in a different FIR, or descend on ur own because there is no FIR in ur actual FIR?

Heres a pic for reference:


You would probably descend on your own. By the looks of it the boundary is close enough to Sydney that you would begin your descent and then contact Sydney approach (if it’s active) once below ~18,000ft
But maybe someone more knowledgeable can confirm this or give better advice.

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that has been one of our thoughts (currently deviating w some friends), so u would say center is only responsible when the plane is specifically in its airspace/FIR - otherwise the pilot is on its own/ with approach

Yep! If you’re not in Sydney FIR’s airspace, then you don’t need to contact them. Since after departing Brisbane, you would be handed off to Brisbane FIR anyway (if it was active) who would then hand you off to Sydney once you entered their airspace.

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I am now inside Brisbane FIR boundary but far away from YBBN how come I cannot connect to his frequency?

@GreatLeader what frequency are you trying to tune into?

brisbane FIR

You have to be within 270 nm of the airport the center controller is operating from. Since you said you are far away, you are probably not within the 270 nm and that’s why you can’t tune in!

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