Question on “Blurry” Textures

So I’m putting this in general because it’s more of an observation/curiosity point than anything wrong with the sim.

I’m currently flying a BA A320, and when I’m in the cockpit I tend to glance around at the various controls. In the past I remember all the buttons and text being super-high definition, where you could zoom in quite a ways and they would still have sharp lines and be fully legible. Right now, the live instruments are super-high def, but the static instruments and words (such as on the overhead panel) don’t have as sharp lines - they become blurry when you start zooming in. Is this new, and a side-effect of new rendering techniques? Without zooming it still looks pretty good, but I did used to enjoy reading what instruments were where and that is harder to do now as they are much less legible. I definitely remember all aircraft with live instruments having really defined cockpits, because I was quite impressed to see that.

Along the same lines, ground equipment like the heavy cargo loaders also seem to be a bit blurry on close inspection. I notice the logos and decals are heavily blurred on the heavy cargo loaders for example, which again isn’t too noticeable until you start zooming in, like when you want to take a ground crew perspective photo haha.

Just curious about whether these textures are limited in definition by the rendering mechanisms, and if they will therefore potentially increase in definition in the future, or this is the way it is because of performance. I don’t know if Seb or one of the developers might have any information on that. Thanks!

(I should add that I’m using an iPad Pro 11” with all graphics and antialiasing on max, so it’s not a case of a lower rendering setting or anything like that)

This happens to me too though I don’t pay too much attention to it.

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A restart of your app should fix your problem with the text being blurry. It happens from time to time.

Hope this helps!!

Thanks for the link. Could be what’s going on, so I’ll check after I land…

Although in terms of the ground equipment part though, that has been consistent across multiple flights, so the linked topic is not applicable for that question specifically.

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Is like this. Like in the displays

No - that’s a very low-definition photo overall so hard to tell in any event. Once I close out my flight I’ll check what USA_ATC said then attach a pic if it’s still showing up.

@USA_ATC no luck with an app restart, the photo above references what I’m referring to. I remember that the text at one point was fully legible, which looked great! As of right now it looks fine at a distance, just not up close,

Well that has about topped off what I can help you with. Sorry!
The restart fixed the problem every time for me and I have only had it once or twice. Dont want to lead you in the wrong direction so hopefully someone more informed on this issue can assist you further.

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Appreciate the help! No worries haha

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