Question of the day! QOTD - 01/09/2018

Hello IFC! Back a while ago I had this thread as shown above ☝️.
Due to school and other reason I started to stop doing the questions, so I got the thread closed.

NOW its back and better than before! - I have permission from @schyllberg to re-create this cool and nice way to see how the community get on with each other and how they answer questions.

I aim to upload the question of the day at about:
1900 BST/ 1800Z, GMT, UTC
Sometimes I maybe an hour or so out from uploading the new QOTD.

As this is my topic, ONLY I will upload a QOTD, unless i ask a mod to do if im busy.
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Hope this topic goes well and lets see how you fellows are at answering #real-world-aviation questions each day!

QOTD - 25/08/2018

What are the 4 forces of flight?

  • Up, Down, Forwards, Backwards
  • Lift, Drag, Thrust, Weight
  • Dreams, Money, Reality, FAA

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Answer was Lift, Drag, Thrust and Weight! Well done to those who answered correctly!


What is the maximum amount of passengers the Airbus A350-1000 can hold? - credits to @SkysTheLimit87

Answer is:
It typically holds 366 passengers, but the maximum is 440! Well done everyone!


How many wheels does the Antonov 225 have?
Answer is 32 wheels!


Is EGGD 750ft above sea level?
True or false?

Answer: False! Bristol airport (EGGD) is in fact 622ft above sea level


How many runways does DWC have?

DWC os Dubai world central pr other know as Al maktoom Airport. It is mainly used as a Cargo airport, but there are passenger planes scheduled daily.
Now the answer is That DWC has only 1 runway.

Fun fact: DWC will become Dubais main airport in the years to come. It will have many terminals and atleast 5 runways!


How many B737s does Ryanair have?

Answer is 444 Boeing 737s


Which airline has the largest fleet size? - main question
Can you also say how many aircraft they have? - sub question

Answer is american Airlines! They have well over 1400 Aircraft in their fleet, mainline and domestic!!

Todays Question
How many A380’s does Emirates have?

Comment below! 👇 Good luck


Tracking this now, exited to see what it is!

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Love the new topic!!! @George_Flack


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Good amount of votes so far, can we get more? Im sure we can! Come on IFC…lets see what you’ve got!
So far so good! Keep it up!


Does anyone have any recommendations or questions?

Yes, I’ll PM you my question.

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If you are wishing to ask a question, make sure it is #real-world-aviation please do not ask a Would you rather question as we all ready have a Topic on this.

Todays question will be 30mins late, sorry for the inconvenience!

That’s fine, exited to see what it is ;)

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26/08/2018 Question is up!


Make sure to @SkysTheLimit87 in your answer!

440 have to type this


440 passengers


440 maximum passengers


It depends on the configuration, but normally, 366.


@SkysTheLimit87 366Passengers


I suppose so, different airlines have different seats.

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I believe it typically holds 366 😬 passengers, but it would very widely so not really an exact awnser…


Not Typically, max config.

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