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I… forgot to read the approach part whoops

Wow! Great job guys! Everyone got that one right the correct response was to call inbound on the ILS.

Here’s our next question…

Based on the METAR below, what are the current conditions?

KCVG 051853Z 04019KT 3SM VCTS SN FZFG BKN003 OVC010 M02/M02 A3006 RMK AO2 TSB40 SLP176 P0002

  • VFR
  • MVFR
  • IFR

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I disagree, ceiling is 300 feet so it should be IFR(LIFR but isn’t an option)


Loving how you picked the local airport. 😂😂😂


Most of you got this one right as well, the conditions are IFR. If you didn’t, feel free to check out the tutorial linked below, as well as Mark’s YouTube series on METARs.

What is the correct VFR vertical separation between aircraft?

  • 250 ft
  • 1000 ft
  • 2000 ft
  • 500 ft

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This question can have more than one answer depending on how a person understands this. I think you should be specific about what you’re asking.

The question has a 100% correct answer. Look at the word below ;)

…flying in what direction, same or opposite?

And you said “aircraft”. Is the other one following VFR too or IFR?

The direction their flying is irrelevant if they’re on top of each other. Assuming both are VFR.

Maybe I’m wrong. Pardon me. But, to the posted question, I could say 500 or 1000 or 2000 and would have a reason for that. It feels incomplete. Nonetheless, never mind…

There is only one answer for VFR vertical separation.

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It’s VFR vs VFR
IFR vs VFR is 500
IFR vs IFR is 1000

I hope you get what the question means. There’s 1 answer, and theres a perfect explanation for it. I think you’re misunderstanding it

The separation VFR - VFR can be 1000 or 2000.

Makes perfect sense to me. Not sure what’s so complicated about it. Angrybird, you’re stuck on IFR.

That question is unless, the one who asked the question doesn’t know the answer. 😡

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I think you are referencing VFR separation from clouds. Which does vary.


Most of you got this one wrong. The correct answer is 500 for VFR flying. It is, however, 1000 for IFR.

Which of the following colors corresponds to the threshold?

  • Blue
  • Green (pointing to the series of lines going down the center of the runway)
  • Yellow
  • Red

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Most of you got this one right (thankfully), the yellow arrow corresponds with the threshold.

When told to “Exit runway, hold short runway 27R”, do you contact ground directly after exiting, before crossing?

  • Yes
  • No

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Happy Easter everyone as well ;).


So glad these are back; They were tons of fun.


Once again, thankfully, most of you got this one right. The answer was no.

When at 5,000 feet, what is acceptable lateral separation between IFR commercial aircraft?

  • 0.5 nm
  • 1 nm
  • 2 nm
  • 5 nm

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