Question Of The Day, a new daily Discord event

IFATC Education Group blog post by Kyle Boas

Question Of The Day, a new daily event we are adding to our public Discord to help broaden and test your ATC and flying knowledge so you can apply it to Infinite Flight. Quizzing you on advanced topics covered in the User Guide and real-world. Learn how you can participate.

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Let me get this right, we can’t advertise our discord servers because of the no-advertising rule. But you can?
Could you maybe explain to me how and why you are able to do it, but not the “regular” people?

Hey there,

The Discord is regarding the IFATCEG - Infinite Flight Air Traffic Controller Education Group. Is created by a IFATC Supervisor (@Trio). The fact is not to « promote » the Discord Server but more the fact to invite people to communicate regarding ATC Things.

This is my point of view.

No, you can’t send a Discord link on the forum, no one can. You are allowed to promote a Discord server though through a third-party website, our blog. For example, as you’ve seen with other VAs/VOs on the forum.

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Didn’t know that, thank you

I added an extra link so the preview shows to clear up any confusion, sorry about that!

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