Question in game

Can someone explain for me what is that? I was confused @@


Is that Microsoft flight sim? Wait no lol that’s IF sorry. What are you trying to point out in the picture?


I believe a red taxiway outline signifies that it has a dirt surface. But it doesn’t seem to have any ICAO, strange…

Where in the map did you find this?

How do you know it’s from the map? I’ve never seen anything like this on the map. And you can’t really see through the map

I mean where else could it have came from lol

It’s 100% IF, but OP needs to elaborate on what is wrong.

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I means the red line and the white line on the map, i was confused

I don’t know, when I just open the map, I zoom in to see the taxiway and it pop up

Oh its near VVNB

That was a lucky first dip, first airport I looked at. Not sure why the ICAO isnt being shown on screen.

It’s VVHL. Looks perfectly fine to me. It was manually worked on last April.

Just a bit of an unusual layout. 🙂


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Yeah it’s basically three runways

When runways are too narrow, only the centerline is shown. As said above, dirt is shown in red and grass in green.

Check if you have uncontrolled airports ticked off

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