Question If Asked To Contact Ground On The Taxiway After Back Taxi

I had a question about back taxi. So let’s say that tower clears you to back taxi, but then contact ground on the taxiway. Then, once you are back on the taxiway, what are you supposed to say to ground?

Depends. Is this before takeoff or after landing?

Before takeoff, however could you please tell me for both scenarios?

I think you are supposed to request taxi to parking if you are landing.

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On expert server, the tower controller will communicate to the ground controller what they want to happen

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Before takeoff: At airports such as London City, I’d personally just stay on tower when backtaxiing runway 27. After all, you will be holding short of the runway after exiting the runway.

After landing: After vacating the runway, contact ground as normal, request taxi to parking.

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If you do contact ground before takeoff, I would request frequency change. That way they will either approve or give you further instructions

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Okay, just to clarify. Would you recommend this even after tower instructs you to contact ground?

Yeah. Unfortunately, there’s not much freedom in regards to options when issuing that command. I’d stay on tower.

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Okay, thanks for all the help! This is not a topic that I know much about, so I did not know what to do before this.

If ATC tells you to contact ground, you contact ground. We will switch you to a different frequency if necessary. Please don’t disobey ATC instructions, even if it makes sense to do something else.


And then what would we say to ground after contacting ground?

Either wait for instructions or request frequency change

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Ok, so either wait for ground to hand over or request frequency change. Thanks for all the help everyone!

Is there even a runway exit command that doesn’t say contact ground?

We have “exit runway when able, hold short runway XX.” In that case, tower would need to switch you to ground manually as there was no clearance to change frequency. You’ll commonly find this used at airports with multiple sets of parallel runways (think KATL, KORD, LFPG, etc.). :)

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