Question: How can i contact with the ATC trainer

How can i contact with the ATC trainer? I don’t know where to chat with them…


Here ATC Training

Hey @x_xc!
Welcome to the community! Please refer to this link for ATC training.

Luke L

thx but i don’t know the way to communicate with them.
Email? or somewhere to chat?

Have a look through the post linked below :)

You may contact any of the recruiters listed in the below topic:

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oh thanks u so mcuh

Hello! Here’s the process:

Contact an IFATC recruiter via PM on here to take your theory test. Once you pass you’ll have the option to either…

A) Take the practical test
B) Contact the training team to request training

To contact the training team you’d visit the IFATC Training topic above and then fill out a training request form. The trainers will receive your request and then one will contact you on here via PM to start training.

Check out section 11 in the ATC Manual to get a more in depth answer.

OKay. Thank you so much . I was confusing abt how to PM hhhh

My problem was solved. Thank you all who helped me with this.

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