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Hey guys,

Those of you who are managers (or know about it) of a VA, what kind of software do you use to keep track of a VA activity? Like PIREP, financial aspect, ranks etc.

Thank you!

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I know at TFC we used to use a google doc, but that’s probably not the best way to do things.

All VA staff are going to type so fast here 😂

P.s I am also a VA manager and use phpVMS software. However, I am planning to upgrade to a more sophisticated and secure software, which is more human friendly to use. However, it does require an annual subscription.


I think you know what it is in our case, (BAVA’s), but we utilise phpVMS, free, open-source virtual airline management software. We are changing our software currently to something different which entails a paid subscription.

The software all depends on the preferences of the Virtual Airline however, and what the needs and wants of the VA are. Something simple like a google form will suit some, whereas a full-blown crew centre with live maps, charts and such the like will suit others. It is completely the VAs choice.

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How is it called?

I didn’t see (until now) a financial system that is really used in a VA. Why do you think this happens?

Also, to what are we changing? Can you share (some of) the reasons for this change?

Thank you!

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For PIREPS most people either do it manually, with a google form or through a crewcenter.

For ranks most VA’s base it off hours so its just a case of looking through whatever you use from time to time.

For finances if you mean pilots getting paid for a route then you can use bots on discord or you can use crewcenters.

Hope this helps and if you have any more questions just pop me a DM.


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If your looking for a crewcenter look here: Infinite Airlines - Providing best crew websites!


I know some VAs such as @virtualBlue have there PIREP filling on there website.Google Doc would want to be your last option btw

Financial systems (or virtual financial systems, in this case, as I’m sure VAs do not want to be handing out real money!), are hard to implement in Infinite Flight realistically, unless it is simply just to pay the pilot per their flight hours. This is because ground handling costs, fuel costs and other factors are extremely time consuming and difficult to predict and forecast. This coupled with the lack of an ACARS system (automated flight report system) for Infinite Flight (yet), means it is hard to obtain accurate and usable data for flights. Hopefully this can change in the future, but essentially getting a realistic financial system set up for a VA currently is too difficult to implement and forecast.

We are changing from phpVMS to another VA management software provider (who’s identity will remain anonymous for now, but if you ask in a PM I’ll endeavour to answer you) for a number of reasons. Our new software has a much better and more interactive user interface, and has improved mobile optimisation. This coupled with more opportunities for integration with Infinite Flight, third party apps and ACARs systems means that we can overall give it more functionality, and this software also comes with more functionality as standard. This will mean an exciting new crew centre for BAVA in the near future, with new and exciting features and more helpful tools for staff managing the virtual airline.

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For PIREPS and all other stuffs like searching routes, flight briefings and a fully integrated dispatch system we(Air India Virtual) use Vabase as their crew center and website as well.Its really useful to us with couple of handy things ,not glitchy and works well on all type of operating system.However an annual payment is required for the system but believe me it’s just awesome.You can get your airline website and crew center all in one, isn’t that cool? :)

On another choice,VAM and phpvms 9 or 8(I guess)works well though they r lil glitchy and your pilots would find problems when using on andorid or IOS.

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Here’s what VGVA uses;

  • PIREP System is made with Airtable, but we’re looking at a move to VAM which will be hosted by Infinite Airlines. We have decided to make this change due to our growth and the hardships of using Airtable for something for which it wasn’t really intended. I could probably change up our airtable to include finances but we’re not too worried about that sort of stuff, despite VAM supporting it.
  • I have heard that vaBase is very good, but it is paid
  • The most popular option is phpVMS. Infinite Airlines specializes in v5 of it, but they have hinted on Twitter they may be moving to phpVMS 7, which I believe is much better.

That’s my two cents worth, hope it helps!

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I will start using a google doc once i get my VA official, but no fancy software :) ;) <3 <3

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