Question For Uploading GIFs

Hi I have a question anybody know any good gif maker apps that work with Infinte Flight
Community all the ones I have it’s saying that it’s to large to upload thanks

Can someone please help me on this thanks

Give it some time, being night in the continental United States many people are asleep right now. Unfortunately I do not have the answer you seek, but I wish you luck in finding it. Maybe take a look at some of the water marks of the GIFs posted by other users here, I think that would guide you a ways.

Ok thank you

Do you have a iOS device? Just so I can give you accurate results.

Yes I do👍🏽

If you have Apple Siri Shortcuts, you can create a shortcut to create a gif of photos, or from a video.

Thanks let me try that

Your welcome mate, anytime.

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I got the app now what do I do exactly

You have to code your own gif maker, give me a few minutes to make a tutorial for you.

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Thank you I appreciate it

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Bear in mind that using GIF’s in here is frowned upon as it usually never contributes anything useful to the topic, and it’s eating away our storage which is limited :(


Step 1

  • Open the app and press “Create Shortcut”

Step 2

  • Tap the search bar on the top left, then just scroll down

Step 3

  • Find the photos app under “Apps” and tap it, not photos and videos

Step 4

  • Scroll down until you find “Select Photos” and then press “Allow Access”

Step 5

  • Press back and scroll up to Photos and Videos and tap it

Step 6

  • Scroll down until you find “make Gif” and tap on it

Step 7

  • Change the “seconds per photo to 0.1”

Step 8

  • Scroll down further until you find “save to photo album” and select the album you want

Step 9

  • Go back and press on it and follow the steps, or you can change the name and icon if you want

Step 10

  • Enjoy

I recommend trimming the video or it will just Gif the whole thing.

Please note the quality is poor, but when it first came out it was fine so it has gotten worse since release.

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Thank you very much

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Your welcome mate

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