QUESTION For the SWVA members

Good morning Everyone!
I was wondering if any of u SWVA pilots know what the Airports of the Week are? The actual airports themselves? I am not able to access Slack at the moment.
P.S Please be kind and Generous in your responses

Rather than making a new topic, why not PM a few of the SWVA members you know?

I’m sure @OKCFlight86 can help you out with getting back into the slack as well as telling you the routes.


I have been talking to @OKCFlight86 he’s asleep hahaha

He’s the only one I know besides @BigBert10

@Yacht thanks and have a Merry Christmas and Holiday

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@Yacht do u know any other SWVA members? Just curious if not that’s fine

@Luke_Sta , @anon42527263

Got them thank u so much

Please continue in a PM to the members